Battery Management Systems

battery management systems

Provector's Battery Management Systems are focused on applications such as battery pack development or high-performance vehicle applications, where it is important to gain detailed visability of all cells or modules in a high voltage pack.

The Provector system is based around a host/satellite architecture.  The host unit acts as an interface to the rest of the vehicle system and controls battery thermal management, current measurement, isolating contactors and other central facilities.  The satellite unit measures the voltage and temperature of individual battery sections and has 12 channels.  Up to 16 satellite units can be used in a single system.  Each voltage channel is fully isolated from both the host system and all other channels allowing the system to be configured in various ways.  All voltage measurements are synchronised by a hardware sychronisation pulse so that accurate channel to channel comparisons can be made even in dynamic conditions with rapidly changing currents.  The satellites also incorporate a passive equalisation system to balance individual module or cell state of charge within a string.

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