We have used our experience from custom developments to design products for sale to a wider audience.  In all cases we offer leading-edge solutions incorporating the elements that we have learned to be the most important.


We have two active inverter product lines, one designed for vehicle use and one for high-power laboratory testing. 

610 series

610_seriesThe 610 series vehicle inverters are based around a common controller core and a single software build.  These inverters include versions designed for high ambient temperatures (up to 100°C) and have the potential to run on an engine coolant loop.  The military variants are also designed for high shock and vibration environments and include extensive EMC treatment.  The vehicle units we have built to date are rated at 30kW in a military application at high ambient temperature increasing to 50kW at normal ambients.  These are continuous figures.


LAB Series 

lab_seriesProvector's Lab Series inverters are designed for high-power laboratory testing.  These inverters are currently rated at 200kW and we have designs for versions up to 500kW.  These are high frequency units capable of testing advanced systems such as military traction drives.


Battery Management Systems

BMS_seriesBMS Series

Our Battery Management Systems all incorporate simultaneous sampling of cell or module voltages.  This allows the condition of a battery string to be  assessed accurately under dynamic conditions, something that is not possible with the more commonly used sequential sampling.  The systems use a host/satellite design with a modularity of 12 channels that allows us to use this technique up to 192 voltage channels.  Each voltage channel has an associated temperature channel.