Provector Limited is a small, high-capability company specialising in power-electronics, control and battery systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.  We are based in Hatley St George to the west of Cambridge.  Most of our work to date has involved development of systems for clients, generally working from a top-level requirement where we develop the concept and take this through to a working solution.

Since starting the company in 1999 we have sought to develop long-term relationships with a quality customer base and are pleased that our first clients are still regular customers.  Provector seeks to do the best possible work consistent with each client’s objectives and balance technical and commercial aspects of each activity as appropriate.

We have used the expertise and knowledge obtained through previous projects to develop our own range of products.  These fill gaps in the market and are designed to work efficiently together and integrate easily with third party equipment.  Because a lot of our work on vehicles has involved extensive data collection, we have built in a range of facilities to our products that help with system and whole vehicle development.


Provector believes in using small product development teams with a high degree of overlap of the skills and experience of each team member.  This makes the reveiw process particularly beneficial and allows us to optimise across the whole product rather than build a system of optimised parts.

Both hardware and software are thoroughly checked at the design and detail stages.  For example we plan not to iterate even quite complex PCB designs, and rarely have to do so.

As we almost always have to work with other systems, we bring foward the definition of each interface to an early stage in the project, then formally control this specification throughout the development.  This helps us to reduce commissioning issues and timescales, which often occur at critical times in a project.

An important element of our approach is building relationships with high quality manufacturing companies that allow us to use high-volume techniques where appropriate and also be able to meet step-ups in volume without undue difficulty.